Airline Merger Mania ...

I don’t remember who first pointed me to this interactive chart that deals with the various possibilities for airline mergers, but it’s been great fun chewing over the options with friends and co-workers.

To use, you just click on a particular airline along the top, and then a drop down option explains how that airline matches up with all the others. Twelve airlines are represented in the chart.

A few things have changed since the chart was put together. I’m hoping that it will get updated to reflect those changes, maybe even updated regularly to keep the conversation going.

DISCLOSURE: I work for an airline. That job is responsible for paying my bills. I don’t blog about the various airlines, the possible merger situations, or anything specific about my employer or my workplace. This has been a conscious decision. Since this chart is publicly available, I felt free to tell you about it. This isn’t designed to change those “off limit” topics.


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