Afternoon Time Wasters


β€’ College Humor: Powerthirst - Give me Powerthrist or go to hell. Hey, I thought it was funny so there!

β€’ Drunken Stepfather: Not sure who Katie Downes or Emily Clark are, but they’re mud wrestling and isn’t that all that matters?

β€’ Bastardly: Christine Lakin @ The 2007 MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge. The Style Lounge - Where D-listers go to die.

β€’ CityRag: Courteney Cox Joins Team See-Through. I think I saw her boobs a while back.

β€’ Celebitchy: Pregnant Naomi Watts works it. Sadly, not what I was thinking.

β€’ EB: Who is Jennifer Aniston’s Mystery Man? The Evil Beet demands an answer.

β€’ CS: Star Magazine Alters Photograph of Jennifer Aniston for Cover Story

β€’ Zoo: They arrested the real life Spider-Man. Is there no justice in the world?

β€’ TFT: Emma Cornell nude in Zoo. (Definitely NSFW)

β€’ Egotastic: Jessica Alba poses for Parade Magazine

β€’ SOW: Katie Price has a children’s book.

β€’ NinjaDude: Maria Sharapova The Upskirt Expert

β€’ Grumpiest: More Danielle Lloyd Bikini Pictures

β€’ IDLYITW: Nicole Richie Should Be in Jail

β€’ Popoholic: Petra Nemcova for the weekend

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