"Affordable" Luxury from Bang and Olufsen - the BeoVision 8 Television


Bang & Olufsen, the world leader in producing really expensive gadgets that I can only dream of one day owning, has released its latest TV today, the BeoVision 8. Now, it's as you'd expect, being HD-Ready, wall-mountable and sporting an anti-glare finish so you can watch during the day and still have your curtains open (imagine!). But the thing that really interested me about it is the claim regarding the sound. Apparently, they've paid an extra amount of interest in the speech reproduction, and as a result, when you're watching, it seems like the sound is actually coming out of the mouth of the person, rather than the speakers. Whether it's actually true or not I'm not convinced - there's no technical details to back it up, and it seems an awful lot like the power of suggestion to me.

But, if you're in the market for a luxury television, you could certainly do worse than looking at the BeoVision 8, for the "affordable" price of £1,800.

Product page: B&O

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