A reader has been emailing me and chewing me out about trying to meet women in bars, asking "Isn't there anyone you work with that you're interested in?" The answer is a firm NO. Besides the last coworker I dated ended up divorcing me.

I have to say, I feel pretty luck for all of the advice I get. Sometimes it even takes the form of a blog post. Sure I don't use all of it....or...most of it..but it kinda shows how different people ok...women are.

The problem with advice is, none of it is right and none of it is wrong. One woman will prefer a guy that is extremely dominant and hair-pulling while the other woman will prefer a guy that kneels down to worship the ground she walks on. The problem is. How can you figure out what kind of woman you're talking to when you first meet her?

I went through some of my past emails and show you some of the advice I get. ALL OF IT is appreciated. So keep em coming...damnitanyway at mac dot com. Note: I'll take you more seriously if you email me from a mac.

In regards to shaving:
"...shaved balls are disgusting. Trimming = good. Shaved = rubbing newborn rats on your cheek (read: bad)"

On dealing with rejection:
"To get over your fear of rejection you have to go out and try to get rejected so you get used to how it feels. This weekend go up to every woman you find attractive and after talking to her for a few minutes ask her if you can cum on her face"

On an answer to my need for sex:
"I can't tell for sure but you seem cute by your photo. Ever consider going homo? Guys are much easier to pick up than women and we're not psycho like they are. Come on, join the dark side cutie."

On my love of Converse All-Stars:
"Bleah! I do hope you've dismissed them as wardrobe items. I'm probably one of the most laid back, non-fashion, non-preening women out there but these shoes would totally turn me off. They scream immaturity (not to mention they aren't comfortable - arch support is good and make you look taller)"

On talking to women:
"Speaking as a woman, if I know the guy is interested in me, I'm immediately not interested in him."

That's the problem with advice, ask 10 people..get 10 different answers.

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