Advantek Networks ABT-SPK-A8 Bluetooth Wireless MP3 Speaker

Advantek Networks ABT-SPK-A8 is a portable bluetooth speaker with several tricks up its sleeve. The multi-purpose device works as a wireless hi-fi speaker for listening to music. It also connects to bluetooth phones and works as a handsfree speaker, and it automatically switches the music off when a phone call comes in. The ABT-SPK-A8 also works with VOIP software such as Skype, MSN & Yahoo messenger and the device also fetaures DSP noise cancellation technology for clear conversations. A sun visor kit is included so you can use it while your in your car as well. The ABT-SPK-A8 retails for about $99, which is pretty affordable for this kind of device. CNET reviewed the ABT-SPK-A8 and gave it a good rating of 6.7.