5 Adorable Backpacks by Bare Creations ...

Cute backpacks, though incredibly convenient, have always been very hard to find. Most of the times, when you start looking for a new backpack, all you can find in the stores are old, rather dull designs and finding an adorable backpack seems almost impossible. And if at last you are lucky to find a pretty one, be sure it will not be very easy on the pocket. But do not despair Ladies! barecreations.com is here to change that with their range of innovative, stylish, reasonably priced backpacks that are sure to get your heart racing. So if you are tired of settling for mediocre backpacks, check out these adorable backpacks by barecreations.com.

1. Lido - Tan

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Price: $55.00 at barecreations.com
Picture a regular rucksack in your head. Now, now, before you yawn take a look at the Lido. Yep, barecreations.com took the traditional (boring) rucksack and gave it their own twist, making it super chic and modern! The tan color makes it incredibly versatile and with the pull string entrance, top flap closure, durable canvas and magnetic buckle straps, this Lido covers all your backpack needs and then some.

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