Add a Little Punk to Your Look


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Years ago, I was fond of dying my hair every conceivable combination of loud, bold colors and spiking it as tall as gravity would allow. That, combined with a black leather jacket, big steel-toed boots, and an obsession with fast-paced, politically-charged, profanity-laced rock music made me a punk.

These days, I'm not part of the scene, but still have a healthy skepticism for authority, and a soft spot for aggressive, abrasive urban fashion.

So, while they're not exactly anti-establishment, I'm a fan of the new Schererbahn X from Puma. The dirty silver leather and heavy, baseball-style stitching give the shoes some punk rock cred. Meanwhile, they're sleek enough as not to stand out completely from the rest of my current wardrobe.

Because these days, it's important to look good while sticking it to the man.


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