Accessories for Your Handbag - Leather Care, Attaches, Charms and More


I'm of the camp that believes my handbag is actually an essential staple of my outfit, rather than an 'accessory' - that word implies that I'm just decorating myself with my gorgeous Chloe. Nein, fraulein! My satchel is part of my sillouette, holds and protects items near and dear to me, and to be honest, gets more overall use than my favorite pair of jeans. It's time to redefine the 'accessory' category. Here are some of the items that accessorize the most used and abused (and often most expensive) part of your outfit. Clockwise; aleather vinyl care kit, my favorite Chloe logo charm keychain, a D&D handbag hook and a Hayden-Harnett coin purse attache. Keep an eye out for more important accessories, soon to be featured!

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