A New Way to Wallet from DbClay


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I have never been jealous of a man's wallet. Why would I? They are boring, shapeless and plain. However, today I am singing a different tune after getting my hot little hands on a wallet by db clay.

Db claydesigns gorgeous wallets that are unique and eco-friendly. The db clay wallet I am swooning over is the Broadway wallet that has an awesome mannequin head pattern on it. I would even dare to say that this wallet is perfect for me; except for one thing ... it's a man's billfold.

When there is a fashion problem, I have a fashionable solution. A man's wallet is actually quite perfect for a woman (especially since the holidays are coming up) because the thin design fits perfecting inside an evening clutch. Just make sure you don't pack it full like you would your everyday wallet; a few $20 dollar bills, your ID and credit card is all you need.

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