A Holiday LookA Holiday Look: Some New Products, ...

A holiday lookA Holiday Look:

Some new products, and a reason to wear them is all I need to get playing with a new makeup look. The holidays is the one time of the year where you can experiment, play and get festive with your makeup. I call this my 'Snowflakes' Look. Light eyes and red lips is all I need.

Start off, MaybellineDream Matte Mousse foundation in Nude.

I apply this with a foundation brush and apply down the middle of my face and blend outwards. Amazing coverage that lasts for hours. I love how it feels weightless on. During a normal day, I usually wear mineral makeup, but on holidays, I want perfect, matte skin. This does it.

Next, the new Max Factor Eye shadow and Lash Perfection Mascara.

I wish I could say I loved this, but it didn't work out as well. Shadows apply almost chaulky and disappeared in 1 hour. Gone. I've gone to applying wet to make the color stay on, but it's more work than what I want. And the waterproof mascara, though even with the great new rubber comb and promises for volume, made my eyes dry out in 10 minutes. I'll be going back to my beloved Loreal Volume Shocking waterproof mascara.

On to holiday ready lips. Max Factor send me their MAXWear 2 step in Red & White Zin, a beautiful red that looks nothing like it on. More of an orangey red, with a beautiful shimmering glossy white to go on top. The red dries on, but not nearly as bad as most stay on lip colors, and the gloss is gorgeous. Downside is that the color does fade out in the middle of the lip rather quickly, and I needed about 4-5 coats of the color to get it on the depth I wanted and seen in the tube.

After that experience, and seeing a fellow hairstylist work through a day without her dark burgundy lipstick not skipping a beat, I had to ask what she was wearing. It wasn't the lipstick that worked, it was her Benefit Lip Plump. I immediately went to Sephora the next day and bought a tube. Why?

Not only does it plump (well, it kinda doesn't, it's more of a primer than a plumper) but it makes lipstick and lip gloss stay on forever. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it. A beige thick paste that you apply before your lipstick or lip gloss, and be prepared for this stuff to literally cancel out any color your lips might have. I've learned to just put on a little bit and blend with your finger on. It will dry a bit, but not nearly as stiff and uncomfortable as those colorstay products do. After it's set a bit, then apply your color product on top. I put on a lipstick that I love that bleeds and feathers to no end, and it stayed on perfectly for hours. This is my new must have item. LOV, luv, love.

To punch up the eyes, I then took my Pantina Shimmering Lace Highlighter, the most beautiful white shimmering sparkles you've ever seen. Think snowflakes in a pencil.

I applied on underneath my eyebrows for a beautiful highlight, and blended and buffed with the brush side and also added a touch under the inner corners of my eyes. I truly felt like I had been skiing all day in a winter wonderland. Beautiful....

Then for cheeky cheeks, a touch of a new blush (from a collection) that I've been loving like crazy. As soon as it's available (soon on qvc), I'll be able to post about it. Another item I'll be raving about soon, I promise....

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