A Greeting, an Advice & a Question on Easter


Happy easter to everyone who’s celebrating this holiday!

I wish I can dish out some tips on “easter” dates but I’m afraid I don’t have any. Funny, I just remembered asking my mum a couple of days ago on whether people get married during the lenten season, more specifically on a Good Friday, Black Saturday or an Easter Sunday. All she told me was that it simply wasn’t done. Curious thought, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps someone can tell me more about this bit — answer my question, if you may.

Anyway, I’m leaving you with this light reading courtesy of the Copyblogger, Brian ClarkHow Copywriting Skills Can Improve Your Love Life. He shares a story of a woman who used copywriting to solve her issue on finding a mate through them online personals. Cool read. I recommend that you head on over his place and find out more on what I’m talking about.

Ta, ladies (and gents)!