95 and Sunny


I am not into nails. Never have been. Mine are short, round and unvarnished. I love pedicures, but usually just slap some paint on my own toes and leave them unattended for weeks on end. So I was mildly disappointed when I opened a UPS package from a beauty publicist and saw... nail files. Ho hum. But I had spent the weekend moving and my nails were indeed quite ragged, so I broke the new files out with a sense of duty, if not excitement. And was quite surprised--the Crystal Glass Nail File from 95 and Sunny is made out of etched, tempered glass, and is obviously the Swiss Watch of nail files. I didn't have to scrub at my nails, they whipped down to a remarkably smooth edge in a few frictionless strokes, without giving me that screechy, tooth-achy feeling in the process. I may actually enjoy doing my nails now. Which means I might actually do them once in a while. I am very glad I got them in the mail, though, as they are sold at Hallmark stores, which I'm allergic to. Buy 'em online instead, where they start at $5 for the purse sized model.

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