9 Ways to Survive Winter ...

If you love winter, then lucky you. Stop reading. You don’t need this post! Many of us hate winter with a passion though, and can’t wait for the first signs of spring. Sadly, hibernation is not an option for humans, so we have to cope with the cold and dark evenings as best we can. Here are some tips on how to get through the season.

1. It Won’t Last

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Yes, it comes round every year, but winter won’t last forever, even if it sometimes does seem endless. So console yourself with the knowledge that spring will be back again, even if not for a while yet.

2. Migrate

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If you have the option, do what the birds do – fly south for the winter. This may not be practical, but it’s certainly a nice thought! Where I live, winters are not as cold as in my home country, but since the summers are also warmer I do find that I still feel cold in winter and am tempted to head south …

3. Emigrate

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Of course, you can always opt for a permanent move to sunnier places if you really can’t bear winter weather. Some islands such as Malta and the Canaries have a fairly stable climate, so winters are not particularly cold. Or there’s always the Caribbean.

4. Glass Half Full

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Enjoy the positive side of winter. Yes, there are some! Think of how lovely it is to have a real fire, or snuggle up under a blanket. Then there’s hot chocolate. Plus you can wear gorgeous coats and boots.

5. Close Curtains

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There definitely is a psychological effect to closing the curtains. I find that as soon as it gets dark (not before, as I like to maximise the light coming in), I feel better if I then shut the curtains. It must feel like shutting the winter out. Anyway, it definitely works!

6. Get out

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Out and about, that is. When it’s cold outside, it’s very tempting to stay indoors and turn up the heating. I like to take advantage of a sunny day, though, and go for long walks. Whether it’s in an urban setting, or wandering through parks and woods, getting some fresh air and exercise helps shake off that winter torpor.

7. Maximise Daylight

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I’m a night owl, rather than an early bird, but when the days are shorter I try to get up earlier so that I can enjoy more daylight hours. At least I try – I’m not very good at it! Still, when I do manage it, I find that I feel better for making the most of the natural light.

8. Catch up

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Are there any improvements you’ve been meaning to make to the house, or any long-term projects you’ve not had time for? Take advantage of wanting to stay indoors, or being being stuck in owing to bad weather, and focus on catching up with anything you’ve been meaning to do.

9. Winter Projects

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Given that autumn and winter last quite a long time, why not find a special project to work on during that time? They say everyone has a book in them, and you could certainly get quite a lot of it done over winter – or maybe even finish it.

How do you feel about winter – is it your favourite season, or can’t you wait for it to be over? What methods do you use to cope if you’re not a fan?

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