9 Top Prada Wallets ...

Oh, Prada wallets! Thank God Prada understands this one basic tenet of fashion β€” we women want even the most utilitarian of objects to be stylish while still being functional. That’s why each of their wallets this season is gorgeous, but still work in the ways we want them to. Here are my picks for the top nine Prada wallets this season.

1. Prada Coin Purse with Flap

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Price: Β£270 at prada.com
Do you need the most basic of all wallets? Then this one is ideal for you. All you want is a small, sleek coin purse with a slot for each of your eight charge cards or pieces of identification. Available in inky black or the darkest graphite grey with gold-plated hardware and a snap to close. Slide this into your purse or pocket.

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