9 Remodeling Trends for the Coming Year ...

Is 2011 the year you want to start remodeling some or all of your home? That's the case for a lot of people, because the top trends have already been predicted. Maybe they can give you some ideas on what you want to do in your home and how you want to do it. Why not take a look at these 9 remodeling trends for the coming year and see if they give you any ideas?

1. Beautifying the Bathroom

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People are going to be all about redoing their bathrooms in 2011. It might be something as simple as changing the wallpaper or paint, buying new rugs, getting a new shower curtain, or something like that. However, it can also mean a total overhaul. If you have always wanted a large garden tub, a separate shower stall, or if you want a cuter toilet, this year might be the year for you to grant your own bathroom wishes.

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