9 Hilarious Will Ferrell Movies ...

I love comedy films, and one of my favorite funny-guy actors is Will Ferrell. He’s genuinely funny, with perfect comedic timing and a knack for picking roles that highlight his talents perfectly. From Dr. Evil’s ill-fortuned henchman in “Austin Powers” to a heart-of-gold cartoon bad guy in “MegaMind,” so many of his movies are well worth watching! Here are just 9 hilarious Will Ferrell movies…

1. MegaMind

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In theaters now

This movie is in theaters now, so you can’t buy it yet, but you have to see it! Ferrell’s voice acting for the lead role, mega-evil MegaMind, who is dissatisfied once he defeats his long-time nemesis, played by Brad Pitt. He tries to create a new nemesis, falls in love, and find out that he’s really not all that evil to begin with.

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