9 Gossip Girl Previews to Get You Excited to Watch the Show ...

Gossip Girl is one of the TV shows I have remained loyal to for years, despite the decline in storytelling the last couple of seasons. Perhaps it gets boring when Chuck and Blair are together? But I will not speculate on that. I will admit, however, that I have kept watching this show for the styling inspirations. Say what you will about the selfishness of Serena or Jenny's immaturity or Blair's social climbing ways but the cast are always prettily dressed up; almost every scene is an explosion of outfit love. And judging by these photos, the next season will be just as fab.

1. Serena in Paris

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I love the colors of this outfit. There seems to be something off with the flare and length of the pants and the unnecessary display of brassiere but the colors are totally yum. Wonder what adventures will the girls get into in Paris...

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