9 Colorful Office Supplies ...

There is no rule that says your office or your office supplies must be boring. Am I right? So, if you find colors stimulating, why not surround yourself with bright, positive things all day long? Yup, that includes your office too! Don’t think that’s possible? Well take a look at these 9 colorful office supplies first:

1. Vera Bradley Poppy Fields Petite Organizer

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Price: $14.00 at gifts.barnesandnoble.com
This cute, colorful organizer will be your favorite of all office supplies I mean, organizers usually spell boring and most people kind of get depressed before even opening them. Isn’t that right? Well, this one is fun, inviting and girly so it doesn’t matter what you chose to keep inside – I can guarantee it’s going to become less boring and much easier to deal with.

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