9 Celebrity Couples Who Are Going the Distance ...

For as obsessed as the media is with celebrity couples who breakup, go through hardships and heartbreaks, and suffer – you know, like regular people – you rarely see them giving props to those couples who are still together after a comparably long time. True, a long relationship in Hollyweird typically equals out to about three years, but more often that you'd think, you come across a pair like these 9 celebrity couples who are going the distance.

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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Image source: spettegola.com

I think a lot of people first expected this relationship to just fall apart, as a kind of karmic kick in the teeth. You daily read about β€œnews” of their breakup in the weekly tabloids, but these two ridiculously beautiful people have yet to split – and, notably, you never hear any quotes from the two of them, which is telling. I think they might be in it for the really long haul.

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