9 Beautiful Blouses for Spring ...

I am so excited for spring – still! As I write this, again, there have been two sunny, mostly warm days in a row. Know what that means? Spring clothing! All I currently have are sweaters and heavy long sleeved tops, which means that if the temperatures ever really get up to the 50s, I'm going to burn up – and isn't it sad that 50 degrees is comparably hot? Anyway, my idea of spring tops is kind of funky: I want something that's going to keep me cool, but also won't make me freeze to death if I get caught without a jacket when the temperatures drop. With that being said, check out these beautiful blouses for spring!

1. Trouve Oversize Crop Tee

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Price: $30.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
I like this because it's simple and elegant, but still looks good on its own. However, you could also wear a thin, cute little cardigan over it, and be all set for nearly any kind of spring weather. It's relaxed and looks extraordinarily comfortable, and I find that really appealing.

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