8 Worst Things to Say to Someone Who Just Got Laid off ...

When someone gets laid off of work, there are certain things that are said that you really should not of said. I do not know about you, but personally, I am always careful with the things I say, especially in harsh situations like these. I am going to give you 8 worst things to say to someone who just got laid off …

8. “so What”

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So what? Is this really something you should say to that person? I mean, if they are your friend or family member who is telling you about their problem, then this term is going to sound as if you do not care or as if it is no big deal. To them, it is a big deal – they just got laid off.

7. “Was There a Lot of Stuff to Clean out?”

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Oh come on, you can’t be kidding me. This is not a joking situation. So what if there was a lot of stuff to clean out. What does this matter?

6. “Have You Applied for Unemployment?”

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This is assuming that they are even going to apply for unemployment in the first place. Some people do not take unemployment. Some surely do not want to jump right in there and grab it up.

5. “Have You Applied for a New Job?”

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When someone gets laid off, it is going to take some time to realize what to do next. It will take a couple of days to take a breather. Asking them if they have applied for a new job should be avoided. Besides, that is there business.

4. “What Did You do?”

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They back talked their boss, they didn’t call in for work, they came in late, they broke stuff or perhaps they didn’t do anything. Perhaps their boss is just really mean and decided to lay them off. Either way, this is not a question you should ask.

3. “That Was the Best Job”

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They were laid off and possibly will never go back to the job. So, telling them that it was the best job is not giving them any help. Surely, there are better jobs out there. You know, ones that will not get rid of you.

2. “How Are You Going to Pay Your Bills?”

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Come on, don’t go asking them this! They have enough stress sitting on their back, don’t add to it.

1. ”It’s Your Fault”

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Why do you think it’s their fault? So what if it is their fault? Either way you go, it is still something that you should no say to them.

Those are 8 worst things to say to someone who just got laid off. You should avoid saying these things to someone, no matter how close to them you are. You don’t want to make them feel any worse than they already do. Instead, offer to take them to dinner or go to a movie for the night. So, what are some bad things you regret saying after they came out of your mouth?

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