8 Ways Your Cat Shows It Loves You ...

Whatever people think, it simply isn’t true that cats don’t love people. They’re simply very choosy about who they give their affection to – and it can be very genuine. My cats are very much mine, and they show it in many ways. Here are some examples of how a cat might show it loves you.

1. Greeting

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I love coming home and seeing my cats run to greet me (and it’s not ‘cupboard love’, because they have food constantly available. They rub round my legs, roll over to have their tummies tickled, and purr away. It’s a pleasure to come home to.

2. Gifts

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You know when your cat brings you mice, frogs, birds (or in my case, lizards and cockroaches), and you freak and start shrieking at him to get it out of your house? Your poor moggy is actually bewildered at your reaction. In his view, you are a hopeless hunter and so he is actually doing you a favour by making sure you don’t starve. That’s love, feline style.

3. Consolation

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Cats seem to know when you are feeling lonely, upset or sad. Many times mine have chosen the perfect moment to come and quietly sit by me, cuddling into me. One cat (now sadly gone), who hated being picked up, once allowed me to pick her up and cuddle her when I really needed comfort. I truly believe she didn’t jump down because she knew how important it was.

4. Trust

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Ever gone to tickle the tummy of a cat lying on its back, only for it to dig its claws in your hand? That’s because by showing its most vulnerable area, the cat is demonstrating that it is relaxed in your presence, not inviting you to touch it there. So when a cat does allow you to touch its tummy, it is truly showing how much it cares for you.

5. Cold Feet

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When the weather gets cold, so do my feet. One of my cats obligingly snuggles up and keeps my feet warm when I go to bed. She can’t be doing it to keep herself warm, as she wouldn’t get much heat off my frozen toes!

6. Companionship

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Some cats prefer to go off and do their own thing, and you only ever see them when it’s feeding time (maybe not even then, if they’ve suckered some old lady into feeding them as well). Others, however, show their affection by quietly keeping you company because they like to be near you.

7. Play

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When a cat plays with toys, is it exercising its hunting skills? Or could it be letting you think that it is entertaining you so as not to hurt your human feelings? Sometimes I wonder if they chase string just to keep us happy …

8. Grooming

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Does your cat ever try to wash you? That tongue might be a bit rough, being designed for use on fur rather than skin, but by licking you your cat is showing that it considers you part of its group and is grooming you.

What do you think – does your cat love you, or do you think that cats are incapable of such feelings? How does yours show affection towards you?

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