8 Ways to Wear Metallics ...

Metallics are all over the cat-walks right now, and hot shades of gold, bronze, copper, and silver are in all of myfavorite shops, too! I’ve been a little shy of the trend though, since I’ve seen it worn so wrong! But I’ve done some research, and found these 8 ways to wear the metallic trend without looking like a robot or space-girl…

1. Milly Backless Jacquard Dress

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Price: $475.00 at net-a-porter.com
This backless halter dress is all rich details and fabrics, so it’s best to tone down the accessories (beige pumps, or sandals, perhaps?)… the cut is so flattering to so many body types, and this dress would be perfect for wowing your man at cocktail hour…I love the embroidery at the neckline and waist… so gorgeous!

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