8 Ways to Raise a Nature-Loving Kid ...

Whether or not global warming is a scientifically sound phenomenon, it’s a widely accepted fact that we need to take better care of our earth. Part of that is raising our children to be nature lovers, so the next generation will be able to appreciate, and protect, our home. Here are some everyday ways to raise a nature-loving, eco-aware child!

1. Invest in a Seasonal Metro Parks Pass

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Photo Credit: Lennie Lou

Chances are, whether you live in the bi city or a rural area, there are gorgeous state parks nearby. Why not invest in a seasonal metro parks pass? For one set price per year, you’ll get a sticker for your car, and that sticker will give you unlimited access to the parks, beaches, and trails your local metro parks have to offer. Once you invest that up-front fee, and you have that sticker on your windshield, you’ll be more likely to use the parks, and to bring your children with you!

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