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I’m massively keen on reading, and at times have had a vast collection of books on all subjects. However, sometimes they threaten to take over and turn your house into a library, so it’s time to reduce their numbers and find them a good home. Here are some suggestions on what you can do with them.

1. Charity

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This is a great way of passing on books that you no longer want, especially if they are in good condition. The charity can use them to raise much-needed funds, and someone else can purchase a book at reduced price.

2. Hospital

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Being in hospital is incredibly boring, so patients will love any reading material (it’s also a good home for magazines you’ve read). Simply contact the hospital library and arrange to donate your books.

3. Bookcrossing

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The idea behind Bookcrossing is that you leave your book in a particular place, and register its location on their website. Then someone else can pick it up, read it, and pass it on. See bookcrossing.com

4. Swap with Friends

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This is a great idea if you live in a non-English speaking country and don’t have easy access to English language books. My local libraries have a very limited range of English novels, so swapping means that I can pass on books I’ve finished with and get some ‘new’ ones in exchange.

5. Sell on the Internet

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This is only really worthwhile if you have an unusual book that people will pay more for – it certainly isn’t worth selling your old paperback that exists in millions of copies. Do bear in mind that postage is capped, and work out if you can make enough money after fees etc.

6. Refuges

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Do you have any books that your children have grown out of? Your local women’s refuge would be very glad of them, as many families arrive there with very little.

7. Bookshop Credits

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If they are saleable, take them to a second-hand bookshop and get some credits towards ‘new’ books. You probably won’t get too much for them, but anything’s better than nothing, and you can effectively exchange them for some new reading material.

8. Recycle

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If the book is in poor condition or has no value to anyone, then recycle it. Sometimes they just have to move on to the great library in the sky! Please, never throw them in the garbage though …

There are lots of possibilities for finding new homes for unwanted books – what suggestions do you have? Are there any more creative uses for old books?

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