8 Ways to Make Your Office Healthier ...

If you think about where you spend a lot of your time, your workplace probably comes close to the top. Which is why its important to consider how unhealthy your workplace could be, and what you can do about it. Breathing electronically cooled air and sitting in unnatural positions will take its toll, and making some simple changes could make a huge overall difference to your health and wellbeing. Iโ€™ve been testing out some easy changes, and these are the eight Iโ€™d recommend everyone makes...

1. Dehydration

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Air conditioning is common place in most workplaces now, but itโ€™s actually quite bad for you. It sucks the moisture out of the air, which means our lungs get less moisture too. And while itโ€™s a necessity while we are on holiday, itโ€™s not too good when you are sat in it for 45 hours a week. Counter it by making sure you stay hydrated, and keeping your eye out for the symptoms, including headaches, tiredness anddry skin. Slowly up the amount of water you drink to between ten and sixteen glasses per day, and youโ€™ll soon feel as good as new.

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