8 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself ...

It’s often said that you cannot truly love someone else until you love yourself. Yet this seems a hard, often impossible task. People are critical of themselves in a way that they wouldn’t dream of inflicting on another person. Well, now it’s time to sweep that attitude away, and learn to love yourself. Here’s some tips on how to do so.

1. Accept Your Personality

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Yes, anyone can ‘improve’ and develop throughout their life, but be happy with who you are. You’re a unique individual, and that should be celebrated.

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2. Whatever Your Body Shape and Figure, Be Happy with Your Natural Size

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Don’t feel inadequate because your breasts are too small, or you’re not as slim as other women. Ladies, we’re not from a factory, we’re all different!

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3. Feeling Shy and Inadequate?

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You’re as good as anyone else. Fake confidence and it will soon feel natural. Other people won’t know that it’s just an act.

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4. Make a List of Your Good Qualities and Achievements

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You don’t think you have any? Write as if you were analysing a friend. You’d soon find something to praise about them, so do it for yourself.

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5. Focus on the Things You like about Your Body, Rather than Obsessing about Wanting to Change the Things You Dislike

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Hate your nose? Chances are you’re the only one who thinks there’s anything wrong with it. Instead, identify what you consider your good features, and concentrate on those. You do have them, I promise.

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6. Likewise, Don’t Spend Your Life Wishing You Looked Different

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I’m short, skinny and have a massive operation scar covering my abdomen. Do I care? I can’t change these things, so I accept them. They’re part of me and the scar shows I’m a survivor. And there’s nothing wrong with any of them.

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7. So You’ve Made Mistakes?

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That’s part of being human. There’s no sense in beating yourself up over it endlessly. Making mistakes is how we learn; you can’t change past actions, so take the lessons, decide what you’d do differently next time, and move on.

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8. Have a Zero Tolerance Policy on Anyone Treating You Badly

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It’s a sad fact, but people will only treat you like a doormat if you let them. So say no to that friend who keeps borrowing money and never repaying it, don’t respond to emotional blackmail from your family, and dump that guy who only calls when he wants sex. Remind yourself that you deserve better than being used or criticised.

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Loving yourself doesn’t have to mean egotism or spending all day gazing in the mirror telling yourself how beautiful you are. So, are there any other tips you’ve used for improving your self-esteem?

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