8 Ways to Get Sexy Cleavage ...

For some looks, cleavage is a necessity. Ever seen a celebrity in a jumpsuit without a push up bra and a low cut neckline? Well, it isn’t pretty! When the aim of the look is femininity and sexiness, enhancing your assets is necessary for looking as good as possible, but you can definitely over enhance! I’ve been searching for the best ways to get sexy cleavage, without looking like a porn star.

1. Underwire

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Photo Credit: canadianimmigrant2001

Underwiring is a necessity for small boobs. Dresses such as this one, which offers half support, give boobs a much needed boost, and make them β€˜fit’ the dress. No underwiring, and you risk looking flat chested but that’s not the worst part...heavy fabric can easily squish boobs, and give the illusion of uneven boobs and a very wide gap. Go for something with a structured top, and with underwiring, to keep your shape.

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