8 Ways to Get a Family Together for the Holidays ...

The holidays are a difficult time to get all the family together for a celebration. People are usually spread all over the state and sometimes a few live in other states. Not everyone is able to take vacation time on the same dates, which causes the need for flexibility in holiday happenings. The following list consists of 8 ways to get a family together for the holidays. Merely having everyone in the same house doesn’t really constitute a family gathering, it’s being able to mingle with one another and be a family that makes the time memorable.

8. Create a Scrapbook

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Try to get everyone to contribute family photos they have collected over the years and bring them home for the holidays. If you want to create a scrapbook that contains more recent pictures, then you can each take turns snapping photos of the family gathering and work together on compiling them into a scrapbook.

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