8 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read ...

Reading is one of the most basic skills a child learns as part of their early education, and it’s so important as they continue to grow. Some children take to it like ducks to water, but some may need a little encouragement. There are many ways to encourage your children to be life-long readers, from reading to them from the day they’re old enough to sit on your lap, to letting them choose the books they want to read . Here’s my list of the best eight ways to encourage your little ones to read…

1. Start Young

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Photo Credit: sean dreilinger

Is there anything sweeter than holding your sleepy baby on your lap and reading “Goodnight Moon”? Ask any parent and they’ll tell you those are some of their best memories. But it’s also the best way to encourage your child to be a reader when she gets older. The younger you start reading to them, the better the chance they’ll want to read as they grow up!

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