8 Unbelievable Cakes ...

I love cakes. If there’s a show dedicated to cake decoration, I’m on it. My fiancee and I have this dream of one day opening up a cake shop and are actually signed up to take a series of courses in cake decorating! So naturally I spend a lot of time perusing cakes that I think are cool, original, and beautifully made, and I thought I would share the latest batch! Here are 8 unbelieveable cakes...

1. Old MacDonald’s Birthday Cake(s)

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Wow! I like this cake simply because it is so involved. There are at least three primary pieces, and the details are to die for, from the kerchief patterned fondant to all the well molded little animals. I don’t know that I’d ever be interested in making a cake from down on the farm, but you have to admire the artistry seen here.

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