8 Tricks to a Great Marriage ...

The divorce rate is really up there and I would hate to hear that one of my fellow readers/bloggers, friends or clients is getting a divorce! I have been married for seven years. Sure, for some of you, that may not sound like a long time. I got married when I was 18 and don’t regret it one bit. You see, we’re still going strong, just like the day we met. It seems I know some pretty good trips to a great marriage! Below, I am going to give you 8 tricks to a great marriage. Whether you choose to do them or not is fully up to you, but they’re always here for you!

8. Share a Hobby Together

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If you do not have a hobby to do together, then find one! Many couples choose to go fishing together, while others choose to travel together. I not only love fishing with my husband, but I also play video games with him. Those are two hobbies that we do together. In my opinion, sitting there watching movies isn’t a great way to connect, so it shouldn’t be considered a hobby.

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