8 Tips on Moving in Together ...

When my husband moved in with me after we got married, there were no problems at all. When I first asked him if he wanted to play video games with me, it was almost as if I saw stars above his head. Before he moved in with me, he didn’t tell me he liked video games that much. He thought all girls hated them, so he thought that once he was married, he would never play them again. Shame on you girls who are like that. Right now, I am going to give you 8 tips on moving in together …

8. Don’t Toss Your Hobby out

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You should never toss your hobbies out. Unless, of course, you are one hundred percent sure that your hobby is going to get in your way of the marriage, for example: porn. Then again, your hobbies should not involve porn in the first place. If your hobby involves gaming, football, gardening or anything else, continue doing it, except make sure there is some time for the both of you in there and don’t be so obsessive about it.

7. Establish the Ground Rules

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This is the time where you will need to establish the ground rules. Whether they are “put the toilet seat down” or “no stuffed animals in bed,” you will need to establish them. This way, you will keep that romantic spark between the two of you.

6. Redecorate Together

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He probably does not want to sleep on pink satin sheets or live in a room full of pink fluffy things. She probably does not want to sleep on sheets made by your favorite football team or live in a room that does not have a girly touch to it. Therefore, the two of you should decorate together and agree on the colors, bedding and other such details.

5. Maintain Your Privacy

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Of course, when you move in together, you are not going to have as much privacy like you would have when you were living alone. From time to time, you and your partner will still need to have your privacy. This is when a bath will come in handy or a nice walk alone.

4. Forgive Those Small Mistakes

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Yes, he or she may of forgotten to lock the door last night or left the toilet seat up. There are going to be small mistakes you will notice even more when you move in together. Those small mistakes need to be forgiven. There is no use in arguing over them.

3. Get out of the House

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It can be fun to sit down every night and watch Netflix together or play games, but there are times when you need to push those to the side. The two of you need to learn how to get out of the house. Go watch the local band play, go shopping, go out to dinner – do something together – outside of the house.

2. Closet Space

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When our silks start to get mashed by the guys stuff, it will not be a pretty sight. We both need to have closet space, so what do we do? You could rebuild the closet so it will fit both of your needs or you can build a separate closet.

1. Show Love

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Don’t forget the reason you moved in together. Now that you live together, don’t forget to show the love! Bake him his favorite brownies, bring her flowers and welcome each other with a warm kiss. Remember, sometimes, those small gestures will go a long way.

There you have 8 tips on moving in together. Would you like to add anything to this list?

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