8 Tips on Grooming Your Cat ...

I’ve found that each cat is completely different in their desire to be groomed. Some relish being brushed and you can’t get them to leave you alone once the brush is put away. Others hide under the bed and threaten you with a set of recently sharpened claws when you even hint at brushing them. Then there are the ones who like being groomed one day and look at you like you are crazy to even think of trying to groom them the next. Here are 8 tips on grooming your cat that should work with any kind of temperament your cat may have.

8. Rinse Your Cat Thoroughly after Bathing

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Photo Credit: miacat63

I’m thankful that cats don’t need baths that often. This is quite the chore, especially if you try to do it by yourself. The claws and yowling are more than enough reason to avoid giving a cat a bath, but not being able to reprimand a cat seems to make things worse. You can tell a cat to get down or sit still until you are blue in the face or covered in blood from feeling the wrath of Fluffy’s claws. It doesn’t work. Cats will do whatever they please and they will usually fight you to the finish if water is involved. However, if you are successful in bathing your cat, rinse her well so she won’t end up licking her fur and getting a mouthful of shampoo instead.

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