1. Make Your Own Wasp Trap

Cut the top off of a 2 liter soda bottle. You want to give yourself enough material to make it easy to staple the cut off cone and the rest of the bottle together, so make a mark right above where the label begins and cut here. Flip the funnel-shaped part of the bottle upside down and staple it in place inside the lower portion of the bottle. Now you should have something that resembles a minnow trap.

Pour some old soda pop or sugar water in the bottom of the bottle and set the trap in an area where yellow jackets frequent. They will crawl into the bottle and not be able to fly out.

These 8 tips on getting rid of yellow jackets are quite the assortment. There should be something you can use. It's hard for me to kill bugs that are just trying to survive, but when my family is threatened with venomous stingers I know I have to do something. Have you had to devise your own method to get rid of yellow jackets or wasps of any sort? What did you find to work the best?

Top Photo Credit: rimblas

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