8 Tips for Choosing the Right Swimwear ...

These days, you are likely to spend longer than ever in your swimsuit. It’s no longer just used for actually swimming, but for simply sitting at the pool side bar, and sunbathing too. That means more people will see it, and that in turn means, that it needs to be stylish and keep you looking good! Luckily, swimsuit designers know this too, and there have been a lot of developments in the design industry recently. Here are my top tips on choosing the right item...

1. Go Retro

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Photo Credit: Claire Marie Vogel

Retro swimsuits are very stylish, and are also panelled which will keep you looking slim and flatter a larger bust, too. Many have low legs, though, which can make you appear dumpy if you are short. Make sure your design curves upwards over your legs, which will elongate them, and team it with some matching retro shoes and focus jewellery to be the stylish girl at the beach-bar.

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