8 Things You Wish You Could Say to That Snarky Colleague ...

I do not have snarky colleagues myself. Typically, actually, I am the snarky colleague. However, my poor fiancee works with the biggest jerk in the world. This guy is one of those precious morons who thinks he’s heaven sent to every woman on the planet, always right, and far more valuable to the company than he actually is. This got me thinking about the worst colleagues you can have — and all the things you’d really love to say to them but can’t, unless you’re ready to quit and burn every possible bridge.

1. Who Died and Made You My Boss?

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This colleague has a bad habit of acting like he’s King of the Mountain — and typically, he’s technically your underling! He (or she) will usually be the worst employee in the office, whether due to inexperience or just due to seriously being the worst employee to ever grace the building. He’s so audacious, he’ll even talk back to the boss!

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