8 Things to Keep You Occupied when You're Alone ...

Some people truly enjoy being alone, but not me. I like a bit of quiet time every now and then, but I’d much rather have my family around. My husband recently returned from a very long trip – alright, it was only a week, but it seemed like ages. I had to find things to do that kept my mind off of being without him. In case you’re like me and would rather not be all by yourself, then here are 8 things to keep you occupied when you’re alone.

8. Work outside

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Now, this only works if you’re an outside person. I absolutely live for gardening during the warm weather. I plant seeds, seedlings, saplings, freshly rooted clippings from plants I’ve obtained from my grandmother or mom, and sometimes I have to replant what the dog has unearthed. Digging in the dirt and planning my next location for flowers or veggies to be placed is very therapeutic. It also puts a smile on my face to see how well the plants end up doing as the weeks go on.

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