8 Things to Be Thankful πŸ™for This Thanksgiving πŸ‚ ...

Thanksgiving is the time of year to count your blessings. The problem is, most of us seem to get too caught up in cooking and decorating and rushing off to parties and pageants that sometimes we forget to stop and take a moment to slow down and enjoy the actual reason for the season. So what’s the reason for THIS season? Thankfulness! Here are 8 things that I’m giving thanks for this thanksgiving year.

1. Family

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Yea, I’m stating the obvious. Duh right? But this year, family seems closer to my heart and a bit more vivid than years past around the holidays. I’m getting married in January and moving to North Dakota, which is quite a ways from my southern Kentucky home! And my soon to be brother-in-law is deploying to Iraq in two weeks. I also have a cousin who is leaving for the Coast Guard very soon. Our family is celebrating the holidays early this season so we will all be together, but I expect it to be a very emotional and memorable time for us all.

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