8 Things That Make You Look Older ...

After you graduate high school, there is hardly a moment in your life when you wish you looked older. In fact, with every year that passes by you wish you could look at least the same, if not younger. So, what are the things that might possible be doing the exact opposite? Well, here are the 8 things that in my humble opinion can make appear a couple of year older, so in case you do not want that, make sure you are not caught with any of these 8 things that make you look older!

8. Gray Hair

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I know, I know, George Clooney looks so sexy with his salt and pepper hair... but most of us, unfortunately, don't grey the same way he does. This tip is for men and women alike, especially the ones that go grey in their 20's — if you notice a lot of grey, and it doesn't look good, you may want to consider highlights (to camouflage the grays) or an all-over color. If you're graying gorgeously, though, keep it! It won't make you look older... it'll make you look sexy, ala Clooney.

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