8 Things I Loved Growing up Country ...

I grew up in West Virginia. I grew up in a very rural, very country part of West Virginia. Our neighbors werenโ€™t neighbors as such, they lived up the road and across the way. The town was barely a mile and a half long. Everyone knew everybody elseโ€™s business before it even happened โ€“ and here are the things I loved about it.

1. The Freedom

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Because of when I grew up โ€“ in the late 1980s and early 1990s โ€“ and where I grew up, I was in the latter half of the very last โ€œGo play outsideโ€ generation. You could hear or see anyone coming, my friends and I were even allowed to play in the woods after dark. Of course, we rarely wanted to because it was frigging scary.

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