8 Things He is Thinking when You're Naked ...

Girls, when you are naked and standing/sitting in front of a guy, there is nothing to be ashamed of. He probably doesn’t even notice those little blue lines you may have on your body and if he does, he doesn’t care – because you’re naked and that’s beautiful. He’s not even thinking about the extra weight you have put on – here’s 8 things he is thinking when you’re naked …

8. That Picture Did Not do Her Justice

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If you met on the Internet or through a personal, then chances are you look better in person than you did in the picture you sent him.

7. I Wish We Were in a Nudist Colony

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When he sees you wearing no clothes, he may like it so much that he never wants to put them back on. Therefore, he will wish he was living in the nudist colony.

6. Who is Jack and What is His Name Doing There?

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I guess, if you have attacked to some other guys name, that would only make sense that he asks what his name is doing there. If he had a tattoo of some of the girl’s name, Wouldn't you ask the same question to him?

5. Did I Forget to Shave?

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Hey, some guys shave down there! Well, they may not shave it “all” off, but they do trim it up a bit. Don’t you think guys get self confident about these things too? Now, if they worry about shaving their legs, something may be wrong with them – well, in my opinion – I don’t see any guys walking around here with shaved legs.

4. Are Those Fake?

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Yes, guys tend to wonder this, even when a woman is not naked. Now, he see’s you naked and still has the same old popular question –so, are they fake?

3. Must Focus on Her Face

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Focus on her face, focus on her face … oh, I just can’t help myself. Guys can’t help but to stare at “them” when they are unclothed right in front of them. But hey, at least some of them try not to look at them … until they’re in his face.

2. Wow

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Of course, is going to say “wow” when you are standing in front of him wearing not even any underwear. He may not say these exact words, but he will say something along this line. He may not say it out loud, but I am sure he will be saying it is mine.

1. I’m Getting Some

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Come on, tell me guys don’t think this when they see you naked in front of them. Somewhere in that mind of theirs, they say they’re getting some. I mean, they may not say those exact words, but they have something they say.

Those are 8 things he's thinking when you're naked. To you, does he ever say any of these things out loud? Sometimes, I like hearing these things. Do you like it he says these things? Why or why not?

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