8 Summer Wines You Have to Try ...

Last weekend, I went to a wine tasting session with my boyfriend. We like to do different things, and the show was designed to allow us to test wines from all over the world, and decide on our favourites for Summer. While there were a few that didn’t taste nice at all, there were some definite favourites too, and here are the eight that you simply have to try this Summer!

1. Gallo Family Vineyards White Zinfandel

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Price: $45 for 6 bottles from tesco.com
This delicious wine combines the flavours of cherries, cranberries and watermelon, and has lingering notes of raspberries and tropical fruits. I love the gorgeous jewel-like colour, and the flavour is a perfect mixture of fruits and Summer. It’s perfect for those Summer nights in the garden, or for barbecues!

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