8 Style Tips Every Girl Should Know ...

Being a girl often means keeping up with the latest fashion trends, or at least being able to start up a new one. Guys have it too easy. They can simply throw on a pair of jeans with any old t-shirt and look completely presentable. On the other hand, we girls need to put a little more thought into what we are going to wear. I’ve listed 8 style tips every girl should know to help you out.

8. Try Not to Wait until the Very Last Minute to Choose an Outfit

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Sure, there will always be spur-of-the moment parties, dinner engagements, or other events that involve dressing up. Some girls might be able to pull off a great outfit at the last second, but I find that this is often disastrous. The best way I’ve found to get around this dilemma is by organizing at least three outfits on hangers ahead of time, complete with accessories. This then provides me with a few outfits to choose from at any given moment, without worrying if I match!

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