8 Steps to a Clean Break up ...

Breaking up is hard. I mean, you’d think walking away from someone you don’t love anymore, or getting over someone who has just broken your heart would be easy. Not so...Suddenly the love songs will all make sense, you’ll feel completely lost and his habit of watching wrestling while picking his toenails and leaving his underwear on the floor will be the one thing you don’t think you can live without. It does get better, though, and you can limit the pain. Here are my steps to keeping the break up clean...

1. Find out How They Feel

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Have a conversation, and try to work out how they are feeling. It might be that they are having the same worries, but want to sort it out, or they could not have a clue how you are feeling. Try to get inside their head, and understand them a little. This will help you to know if you are both wanting to split, or if you need to be very sensitive and strong and break it to them gently.

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