2. Personalizing Things That Aren't Personal

Photo Credit: Drummer Photo Experience

If you take every little thing that is done or said by your friends, family, co-workers or passersby on the street in a very personal way, you may be a drama queen! Although our closest loved ones can often be the ones who hurt us the most with words, it's up to us to decide how far the hurt goes by how long we dwell and think on the matter. And not every thing that is said is meant as a barb directly to you or at you. Drama queens tend to be very emotional about things that are said concerning them. And this can go to either end of the scale in extremes. Just because the cute doorman at the lobby of your apartment smiles and says hello to you every morning, it doesn't mean he's pondering a marriage proposal to you. And just because your brother said you're looking really in shape lately, it doesn't mean he thought you were obese before.