8 Signs It's Time to Move Your Bed ...

I’ve always found that rearranging furniture is the cheapest way to change things up around the house. Every time I move the furniture around I think that I’ve finally come up with the ultimate arrangement, but later end up coming with something better. Even the bedroom furniture isn’t safe from my desire to alter the scenery. Here are 8 signs it’s time to move your bed.

8. The Urge for Change is Very Strong

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Photo Credit: Witty Girl

Haven’t you ever gotten the urge to make a major decorating change? I find that giving into these urges is often just what I need to feel better. Changing things up from time to time is almost therapeutic for me. Sometimes I wait for a day or two to see if the desire for changing up the positioning of my bed will pass, just to make sure that I’m not merely bored.

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