8 Signs He May Never Ask You to Marry Him ...

Does the man you are currently seeing think of you as being his wife in the future? Or does he do quite the opposite? Do you think he is just using you for the time being? You know, until his future wife comes along. Well, below, I am going to give you 8 signs he may never ask you to marry him. You could also think of these tips as signs that he is not that into you.

8. He Does Not Mention You in the Future

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When he talks about his future and what he plans on doing, you never seem to show up in there. He never mentions you or having kids. He never says β€œour” future or what β€œwe” are going to do. He never seems to include you in anything, not even future parties. Hmm…I don’t think he’s thinking about marrying you. Do you?

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