1. He Doesn’t Have That Look

He Doesn’t Have That Look

Photo Credit: Stefano MinopOlympus

He never seems to show that look in his eyes. This is definitely something you need to watch for. Girls can tell by the look in the guy's eyes if they want to marry them or not. Of course, some girls may not be able to, but I was always able to tell and obviously, I was right about it.

When they have that twinkle in their eyes when you show up and say I love you while looking in your eyes, then they may want to marry you.

There you have 8 signs he may never ask you to marry him. These are signs to look out for if you are looking for a guy that wants to marry you. Why should you waste your time with him if he isn’t going to marry you? Find someone who you can start spending those years with. We’re not getting younger, we’re only getting older and life is too short to mess around with the heart. So, do you think you’re in a good or bad relationship?

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