8 Signals Your Cat Makes with Its Tail ...

Have you ever observed your cat waving its tail about, and seen how many different signals it makes? The feline tail has a language of its own, and communicates many different moods. Do you wonder what it means, and what your cat is saying? I’m going to decode those signals for you, so you can read your moggy’s moods.

1. The Slow Swish

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Photo Credit: vcalzone

If the cat is waving his tail slowly from side to side, this is a sign that he is not entirely happy. He might just be a bit irritated, but something is not quite right as far as he is concerned.

2. The Fast Swish

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Oops. Moggy is starting to express his displeasure. If you’re doing something to annoy him, you’d better stop now. This is a warning you’d do well to follow …

3. The Thump

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Photo Credit: natmeister

If his tail is now beating out a drum pattern on the floor, this means trouble. He is really not happy. You would be a very silly human to irritate him further.

4. The Arrow

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Tail straight up in the air? That’s a sign of a much happier cat. He is greeting you and is pleased to see you. He will also use this greeting to other cats that he is comfortable with.

5. The Bottle Brush

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Photo Credit: Cats in trees

If the tail is spread out like a brush, then something is really bothering the cat. He is either frightened, or feeling aggressive. Either way, he is trying to make himself look as big as possible to a potential enemy.

6. The Tip Twitch

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Try saying that in a hurry … When the tip of the tail is gently twitching, something has caught the cat’s interest. You will see this type of movement if he is watching a bird outside.

7. Between the Legs

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Have you told your cat off for something? This is a sign of submission, and you will probably feel so guilty for telling him off that you will make a fuss of him and give him treats (cats have a way of making you feel guilty if you tell them off).

8. Curled around Body

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Photo Credit: Thelma Gatuzzo

Now he’s perfectly happy (probably because he’s got you where he wants you once again). All is well in his world. You will see the tail in this position a lot when the cat is asleep. It’s just so cute!

Cats can communicate so much with their tails, and when you have lived with them a while you can learn to recognize their mood from the position of the tail. What does your cat say to you?

Top Photo Credit: tripp-e

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